The efforts to produce fakes are constant and they are regularly pouring out of Tipaza or elsewhere.

It seems that the artistic heritage of Issiakhem, Baya and others constitutes a regular income supplement for painters who have not ceased to be mediocre or pale copiers.

We sometimes try with difficulty to list these forgeries with a network of sentries who ensure with application to the protection of this heritage.

Those who have acquired a work that is further down are victims, we are sorry.

Remember that an Issiakhem could not be found in a brocanteur placed between a lamppost and a copper tray. That a price less than 2 Million DA is suspect. And that its authentication is imperative before spending such amounts.

Thus, the authentication of works is a major challenge for us, and this contact platform is also intended for that. We can only invite you to contact us in case of doubt via the email below.

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