M'Hamed Issiakhem



Beyond the documentary background, more than 30 master pieces are available to everyone in the national museums. It should be noted that more than 25 works are private donations of relatives and friends faithful to the memory of the painter (see the last part of the section Biography).

You can only be encouraged to take advantage of it and request the access to them.

As for the documentary background, it consists of many elements essential to the understanding of the artist, his art and the historical issues that have influenced man.

 This background contains:

All the works written around the painter and his works

– Awards

– Letters and correspondence

– Articles made since the artist’s death

 – Photographic pictures

 – Specific illustrative works (banknotes, drawings, etc.)


These archived and preserved elements are intended to be useful to students and researchers, that we invite to contact us if necessary via the email below.

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